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Things you must know about heavy equipment!


"The road to success is
Always under construction."

 A very important truth of life. Life is constantly changing and evolving. It's difficult to keep a hold on it. But a right decision at the right time can turn your, ‘work in progress’ to ‘good to go’. Technology plays a vital role in this. It is now a big part of our society & our foreseeable future. But, what is technology? Technology refers to the use of tools, machines, materials, techniques & sources of power to make  work easier & more productive. Gone are the days of stone age and here is the age of machines. If only there were cranes present, it wouldn't have taken such amount of time and effort to build the TajMahal or the great pyramid of Giza. Don't you think so? Heavy equipment's have changed the way we live. It has made our life stronger, better and long-lasting. Yet we are often caught up with the same question, whether to buy or rent heavy machinery?

      Here is the solution, there are more pros than cons of renting heavy equipment. Renting is a method of acquiring the equipment for a shorter duration. It is an alternative to direct ownership. Here are a few reasons why you should rent than buy heavy machinery. When you buy a heavy equipment, you are responsible for transporting, maintaining, repairing & storing the equipment. Many of the problems associated with buying equipment's are primarily to do with the space which the equipment occupies and also its size. Then, operator cost is one of the challenge buyers have to face. Renting helps one to skip the EMI & tax paying process, since rental companies cover these cost making it cost-effective for one to rent. Maintenance costs are another reason people choose to rent heavy equipment. Renting frees you from having to bother with breakdowns, costly repairs, maintenance & upkeep of the machinery. One has access to a broader range of equipment at all times. Lower initial investment and delivery of machines on time. Renting gives an opportunity to try out the equipment before making a purchase. Rental period can be a day, a week or a month and may go up to many years.

     The heavy equipment companies face certain challenges to achieve its full potential. The emergence of foreign construction equipment manufacturers including German & Japanese companies, in India has forced domestic players to meet the global standards. There is a lack of qualified workers. Less renting options. The availability of trained manpower, skilled operators & workers to operate heavy machinery is a huge issue. No consistency, resulting into market fluctuation. Getting right equipment in good condition at right time & right place. Delayed payment to suppliers are some of the factors that are affecting the heavy equipment business in India. Renting equipment is a suitable option to reduce heavy investment on equipment's.

      Life is largely a matter of expectation. Rightly said by Horace. I think expectations are ultimately what creates our experience. Here at GizmoTab, your expectations are our priority. We are launching our app in the first week of September. Regarding heavy equipment rental, you can find exactly what you're looking for through our GizmoTab app. So, now as you're aware of why renting rules over buying, let me tell you why to choose GizmoTab while doing so.

      When you rent, you are paying for the newest equipment with the latest technology. GizmoTab offers you one-stop solution for renting latest well maintained equipment's. Experience trained and skilled operators along with the equipment on rent. GizmoTab is a platform where one can view all the equipment prices at one go. Why to engage in long tedious calls with various equipment companies, when all you need to know is just a tap away. Renting makes sense when you need equipment's for a one-off job. If you're expanding your business and moving from one city to another, don't worry our app is always there for you. Rather than contacting tons of dealers in the new city you can hire equipment's through our app just like the old times. And we’ll provide you with the equipment's from the nearest possible place. A multipurpose piece of equipment such as excavators, cranes, backhoe loaders, forklifts etc. that can be used for various projects is a great asset on any job site. At GizmoTab you are assured of the youngest machines in the industry, less than or up-to 4 years old. Some additional features of our app are; tracking of machine in real time, report in star rating, on time delivery of machines, view ongoing service images every hour, use Geo fencing to track the entry & exit of operators & equipment's to your premises, extended booking options, operator training sessions to boost productivity,  flexible payment options, browse machines by category, functionality, and brand names.

Our coming soon features include IOT/ Artificial intelligence which extracts all the information through OBD. Which will give the operator access to the status of the machine.
▪️Determine machine acceleration, torque, fuel, Tyre pressure, driver performance & machine performance.
▪️ Know the tentative completion date of the particular job.
▪️ View on going service videos.
▪️ Fuel sensor enables you to monitor fuel levels & catch fuel theft.
▪️ Bucket load size selection for machines like excavators & backhoe loaders can be done. Renting machines along with such features is not an easy task as they are not vegetables or other small electronic items. Thus, it becomes important to choose the right rental company for the industrial operations.

     Invention of such machines have bestowed common men with Aladdin's magic-lamp. Its achievements are too many and too fantastic and the best are yet to come, only to sky's the limit. Take for example, the excavators. They lift or dig anything and everything. Make sure you have the right rented machinery in your work site. They go a long way in ensuring a good bottom line for your business. Quality & efficient equipment forms the backbone of all construction activities. So, one must rent them from a reliable source.
And, here at Gizmo Tab ‘we aim to please’.

So, drop the shovel and pick up the phone!


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